Refrigerated Trucks And Coolroom Rental

Mobile Coolroom Rental Perth

Mobile Coolroom

Modern, hygienic walk in coolrooms ideal for catering, functions,
events, parties or as an overflow for extra cold storage.

Plenty of deep shelving for stacking food and drinks.
These units can be operated with domestic ten amp power.
Enjoy flexible rates for short or long term.
Maximum carrying weight is 1400kgs.
Maximum carrying weight for our smaller coolroom is 400kgs.

Hygenic walk in coolrooms for
catering, functions, events and parties

Convenient mobile coolrooms
Long and short term rental plans

We pride ourselves on an economical pricing structure.

Our service to you is second to none.
We endeavour to provide you the vehicle
you need and at the best price possible.

Best Refrigerated Truck and
Coolroom Rental Rates in Perth.
Call us and compare!

FAQ about our Coolrooms

Can I plug the coolroom into a domestic power supply?
A 10 amp power is all you need. We recommend that you do not share that power plug with any other appliance.

Do I need any special towing devices?
A standard 50ml tow ball is compatible. Our trailer electrical plugs are seven pin round plugs. We are unable to supply plug
adaptors but they are available from most auto distributor outlets.

Does my mobile coolroom have shelves?
Seems like a silly question but some rental companies supply small shelving. Our shelves are three to four tier high generously deep and will still give you room to store extra drinks cartons. Plus – with tandem wheels for stability, our mobile coolrooms are safer than the one axle trailers.

What temperature do mobile coolrooms run at?
Our coolrooms work just like a home refrigerator. They are factory set to zero to five degrees. They will cool down to zero and when the temperature rises a few degrees the motor will engage and bring it down again to zero. When first turned on, the mobile coolroom will come down to zero in about 20 minutes. Remember that cartons are insulators and will take longer to cool!

Can I use a coolroom portable generator?
We recommend that the generator be no less than 5KVA. Please be aware that any electrical damage caused to the mobile
coolroom is payable by the renter. If you are likely to be without electricity to power your coolroom we can hire you a low cost
7KVA petrol generator. Quiet and efficient electricity!

How much weight can I carry?
On our large mobile coolroom we recommend that you do not exceed 1400kgs. A good indicator of whether a trailer is overloaded is to check the gap between the tyres and the wheel guards. The result of overloading will be blown tyres! Also remember that towed trailers should not be driven at high speed. We recommend a maximum safe speed of 80kph.

These notes are intended as a general guide and in no way or intention void the terms and conditions of your rental agreement.
We recommend you read your rental agreement carefully. Our staff will be happy to explain these to your if requested.

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