Refrigerated Trucks And Coolroom Rental

Do you need a refrigerated truck or coolroom rental? We have a truck for all your needs.

Contact ‘Always Rent me!’

Mobile: 0412 501 135

Office: 6 New Bond St, Midland WA 6056
Postal Address: P.O Box 323 Midland DC WA 6936

Always Rent Me has always provided
solutions when our clients have needed a refrigerated vehicle or mobile coolroom in Perth.

We appreciate our new clients saying “We wish we had known about you
earlier.” Always Rent me (it does sound like a proposition!) has been around for years and it’s true we don’t advertise as much as we could but we’re getting bigger! That’s because our existing clients big and small are long standing and important clients who just happened to ring us up one day. So please don’t lose us.Trust us with that one phone call.

We work 7 days a week because experience tells us that breakdowns or additional vehicle requirements can happen at any time. We’re flexible and we are a ‘can do’ company. Plus our rates certainly don’t hurt.

So next time you experience a rental need or a rental quote, please give us a call. And once you use us, refer us. We are reliable at what we do because we never want to lose you. That’s our promise.

Keith Crane – Managing Director

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